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VAD makes manuals easy to use

Traditional manuals are typically dull, cumbersome and hopelessly old-fashioned. You can never be sure if your customer even has the latest version of the manual. Browsing PDF or printed manuals is painfully slow and bothersome. Time is money, and sitting idle is especially expensive. The information and know-how needs to be where the product is used. Your customer wants instructions for solving the problem themselves. Our latest product, VAD (Visual Augmented Documentation), makes manuals genuinely useful, visually impressive and easy to use. VAD integrates the manual, service record, or other necessary content with your product's virtual or 3D model, creating a single digital manual. In VAD, manuals are easy to update and use wherever you are and can be integrated with augmented reality, virtual reality or a 3D model.

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In VAD, the user manual can be incorporated into an enriched reality, virtual reality, or 3D model.

Visually enriched documentation

VAD is a completely new kind of electronic documentation system. With the app, you can design and produce content and build manuals directly into your product's virtual or 3D model. Users can then view the manual anywhere on their smart devices. VAD is the new release format for DoX CMS. With VAD, DoX generates a modern digital manual and tailors it to your needs. VAD also enables product demonstrations in augmented reality and the use of virtual reality in the operator training of new products.

The technology is ready

In a virtual user manual, the information is linked directly to the product's 3D model. The technology that enables this is now ready. We help our customers build engaging and practical manuals that go wherever the customer goes.

With DoXCMS and VAD, we produce manuals for our customers that are interesting to create, easy to update, and can also be utilized in the sales and marketing of the product,” says Mikko Tauriainen, Managing Director of DoX.


Make manuals easy to use

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