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DoX CMS makes technical documentation and content production easy

Any company will benefit from the option to reuse much of its documentation. DoX CMS makes this possible with the structured LW-DITA format with which helps you

  • write different parts of publications individually and at the same time,
  • adapt the same content to different situations with tag identifiers,
  • update repeated parts all at once everywhere,
  • use different styles for the same content in different contexts,
  • select pieces of prior content to put together new publications, and
  • publish the same content in different formats suited for online use and print (PDF, HTML, DITA, WebHelp, EclipseHelp).

You can thus apply the same base content across

  • the different manuals related to your products,
  • training material,
  • sales and marketing material, and
  • offers and contracts.

DoX CMS is also a comprehensive browser-based content management system which helps you

  • edit and manage content from any device without local installations,
  • retain independent revisions of contents and publications,
  • review content and add comments as part of a revision’s workflow,
  • add identifiers for various content filters,
  • combine multiple style sheets into specific styles and write the CSS-based style sheets,
  • maintain the files for PDF, image, video, and audio attachments,
  • publish directly to locations connected to your system,
  • generate XML-based translation files and automatically arrange the translated content, and
  • maintain content in different languages.

In practice, you can use DoX CMS to, for example, to designate positions for the model’s name in content used by different publications. The system will use the correct value for each publication. You write the content once and then combine it in different ways. The system compiles publications in different file formats and languages from this content.

We will provide immediate help and support at all stages when you implement and use DoX CMS. We also continue to develop the system to match our customers’ stated needs. You can learn more about the system when you reserve a personal demo session below.

Produce content faster with structured authoring


You can write anywhere without prior arrangements. The content always remains consistent across applications.


Only write the content once. You only update the source versions to change all related documents.


Changes to content or style apply uniformly and at once everywhere.


We will help you find the best implementations for you and develop the system to match your needs.

Why DoX CMS is the right choice for you:

Structured authoring

You manage pieces of content independently when needed. Repeated content and styles remain uniform within and across documents. To make new publications in different file formats, you only need to add related changes to prior content and specify which content to use.


LW-DITA is a simplified form of the DITA standard and a good introduction to structured authoring. We can add other parts of DITA to it when it proves necessary. DoX CMS only uses general elements and identifiers. Since no part of this format requires our system, you can easily import content made in DoX CMS to other systems.

Browser-based SaaS system

DoX CMS requires no local installations. You can instead use it from any device connected to the Internet. You control who can log in at any time within the maximum number of simultaneous users defined by your license.

All-in-one package

DoX CMS contains all the tools for structured authoring such as a text editor, a style sheet editor, an attachment manager, a translation manager, and compilers for different file formats.


All your content is available to the users. They can thus allocate responsibility over different sections and proofread each other’s content smoothly and without the need to send files back and forth.

Comprehensive support

We personally respond to requests for support and error reports and immediately study the situation. We use no automated responses and always finish our initial investigation and provide a related tentative solution when we record an issue.


+ € 61 / user / month

+32 € / translator or reviewer / month


Document management system
€ 20 / user / month

Deployment & Training

€2,040 one-time fee

  • Up to 4 users
  • Up to 3 languages (plus Finnish and English)
  • Control and compare revisions
  • Publish in different file formats
  • Edit and control layouts
  • Manage attachments

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+ € 92 / user / month

+32 € / translator or reviewer / month


Document Management System
€ 20 / user / month

Additional PDF compiler based on PrinceXML
€ 10 / month

Deployment & Training

€2,040 one-time fee

All features included in DoX CMS S, as well as:
  • No limitations on users or languages
  • Automated translation management
  • Workflow for revisions
  • Separate content trees
  • Online review

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  • Enhanced security available
  • Installation on your servers available
  • PDM/PLM/ERP integration available
  • Add-ons available

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