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Dox CMS makes managing technical documentation and producing content easy

Most companies have a lot of technical documentation with diverse contents that can be used for different purposes. With DoXCMS's powerful tools, you can recycle existing content and publish it in real time in a variety of formats for different devices. You can create documents such as user manuals, maintenance instructions, training materials, sales and marketing materials, installation guides or tender and contract materials from your content. In DoX CMS, technical writers, reviewers and translators can all edit and review the content collaboratively. It is easy to add notes to the content with an easy-to-use, browser-based user interface that is not tied to any specific system or location. You can use it on any computer or tablet, anytime, anywhere. DoX CMS is the most advanced web-based LW DITA content management system on the market for drafting, publishing, and managing technical documentation at every stage of the product’s lifecycle.


Tags make it easy to extract information required for different purposes from the content produced for the user manual. In DoX CMS, writers, translators and other content creators can make their contributions to the technical document independently of time and place.

A structured writing method lets you produce content faster


Proven to be the most efficient system for producing high-quality documentation.


A structured writing method makes producing and updating user manuals quicker and easier.


DoX CMS improves the updatability of the user manual at every step of the device's lifecycle.


Changes to a technical document can be processed quickly and efficiently in the same system, which leaves more time for customer service.

Why is DoX CMS unique?

Structured documentation

Export, import and reuse content section by section in collaboration with all parties involved and at all stages of the product lifecycle. DoX CMS follows the LW DITA format, with content management based on partitions, i.e. modules.

Web-based SaaS service

DoX CMS is delivered as a web-based SaaS service that does not require installation. The price of the service is fixed and thus predictable.


DoX CMS enables collaboration between users in all aspects of documentation and all stages of the product's lifecycle.

Everything in one package

DoX CMS includes all the tools you need to create and publish documents.


DoX CMS includes a versatile editor. You can also use other XML editors, such as Adobe Framemaker or Oxygen, if you prefer.


+ €61/user/month


DOX DMS Document Management System €20/User/Month

Deployment & Training

€2,040 one-time fee

  • Up to 4 users
  •  3 languages
  • Version management and comparison
  • Publication in different formats
  • Multichannel publication
  • Layout editing and management
  • Add-ons available

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+ €92/user/month


DOX DMS Document Management System €20/User/Month

Deployment & Training

€2,040 one-time fee

All features included in DoX CMS S, as well as:
  • Online review
  • Translation management
  • Workflow management
  • Enhanced security available
  • Available on dedicated servers
  • PDM/PLM/ERP integration available
  • Topic tree management
  • Add-ons available

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