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You already have prime grade products. Why not ensure an equally good overall customer experience?

Move your spare part business online, and take your customer service to the next level with LinkOne's comprehensive system for digital spare part management. It includes everything needed to move spare part orders online: a digital spare part catalog manager, online orders for spare parts, warranties, service manuals, and marketing and reporting tools.


Online spare part orders open major opportunities to grow your business.


You can bring the content for spare part books from PDM, PLM, or even CAD software automatically, which reduces errors and keeps the task low effort.


Good quality spare part books and a present-day customer service portal make for a pleasant customer experience.


Your customers will be more satisfied once spare parts arrive in time and without errors.

How to acquire LinkOne


Get familiar with a system through a scheduled showing

Learn about the features of a system that interests you directly from our experts. We will answer your questions, and we can then assess the system's benefits in your field and for your business together. This demonstration consists of a 30 minute online meeting.

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Assess the return for investment together

Our experts will you help you estimate your current documentation expenses and then investigate the savings going forward with a new approach.

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Get started

Deploying LinkOne has two phases: planning and implementation. Our user training provides a solid foundation for independent use, and the available recordings also help future users.

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Do you want to have more versatile manuals for different use cases?

Use LinkOne to enter the digital spare part business, and to better satisfy your customers.

The spare part portal in LinkOne will improve your customer service and reduce errors in orders. This is what makes your customers happier and helps grow spare part sales. When the contents for digital spare part books are brought automatically from PDM, PLM, or CAD software, for example, this simplifies production itself. Having your spare part business online saves work hours, and it also makes sure that your spare part books remain up-to-date. Online spare part books also open opportunities for growing your business.


Our system for such online spare part orders allows you to deliver the correct new parts to replace what was broken with minimal need for further investigation.

Semi-automated production of spare part books and a present-day service portal

Why is LinkOne the right choice for you:

Interactive spare part books

Browsing LinkOne's interactive spare part books is effortless and involves no second-guessing. The needed spare parts will be fast to find with fewer errors in orders.

Spare part ordering designed with manufacturers in mind

LinkOne contains support for spare part orders suited for the manufacurers of machinery and devices.

One database adjusted for different stakeholders

LinkOne lets you distribute the same pieces of content across all different stakeholders. Each user will see only what they need.


LinkOne includes everything needed to move spare part orders online: both tools to build digital spare part books and a portal for spare parts with the option to purchase them.

LinkOne as a whole has four parts:

The LinkOne electronic spare parts catalog is the baseline to which you can add other modules to customize it for your business.

Digital spare part books in LinkOne

LinkOne is a modern digital system for spare part books. You can build interactive and visualized spare part books for different stakeholders with it.

Spare part orders

With LinkOne's spare part orders, users can send their order for the parts that they selected from the spare part book inside the same system. The order is delivered to the manufacturer's database in the requested format.


Reports let you observe how users engage with the system. These reports are available in formats compatible with Excel which makes it possible to apply Excel's features. For example, you can track which parts are visited most. LinkOne also includes a feedback channel.

LinkOne Assistant

LinkOne Assistant streamlines building spare part books for your business. Its smart features make putting such books together a breeze. You integrate this assistant with your other systems to automate production.

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