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Immediately make your products indispensable to your customers

A manual which is reliable, approachable, and made with its users in mind is required for the best possible user experience. It connects your customer with your product more closely than the Bond between James and his Aston Martini.

DoX Systems specializes in systems for more efficient documentation. They help you manage technology products and related information like no other: Simply. Reliably. Profitably.

Our company grew from a love for the products of engineering – the everyday machines, appliances, and programs which make our lives better – and from a desire to succesfully bring people and technology together across products' lifespans.

Technology has become increasingly complex while at the same time, its signigicance for the maintenance of society, businesses, and homes has only grown. This also generates greater demand for technical information and its ease of use. This was the challenge which we decided to tackle because we saw companies stumble with their attempts to use office software to produce and maintain installation guides, service manuals and user manuals for their customers.

Under the DoX label, we provide engineering companies and industrial enterprises specialized documentation systems. They are made exceptional by their implementation of component-based management in structured authoring, as well as their forward-looking methods to produce and adapt information for different use cases effortlessly, swiftly, and unerringly.

We always develop our products with our customers' growth in mind. We aim to make everyday work on content flow smoothly and readily, to save in expenses, and – in particular – improve manuals' readability, quality, and reliability for the best possible customer experience.

After all, a user guide, instructions manual, or what have you, can become no less than a reliable tool to help a company reach greatness, when it makes a customer fall in love with a product at first glance and then rebuy.


Five facts about our company

  1. DoX Systems
  2. Founded in 1991
  3. 100 % Finnish
  4. Cusromers include over 40 Nordic large and mid-sized enterprises
  5. Partners include documentation and translation services

Over 30 years of documentation experience

We at DoX Systems are plenty familiar with the common challenges faced by the manufacturers of machinery and appliances. The company and its founders have experience from over 30 years in this field already. Over the years, we have witnessed the issues which bother the users of different platforms and systems.

We then developed our solutions to the greatest of them – and here they are:

All documentation is in one place, and its further use is easy, efficient, and flexible.

Deploying and using the documentation systems is cost-effective and swift.

Successfully grow your spare part business and related services with DoX-approved systems.

Company owner and CEO Mikko Tauriainen:

"We make our users into content management heroes and resolve all issues with documentation. We put all our expertise into our work.
Based on customer feedback, we can proudly claim that we have started a revolution in technical documentation and resolves all of its biggest issues."


Contact our experts:


Mikko Tauriainen
Managing Director
+358 (0)40 5886 291

Mikko is the Managing Director of DoX Systems and the general handyman with a rock ‘n roll attitude. Thanks to his previous jobs, Mikko has a solid background in data management and technical documentation for mechanical engineering businesses. As a car and motorcycle enthusiast, Mikko gets to work with engines and machines during his spare time as well. To find more energy for work and free time, Mikko goes to the gym, engages in self-defense sports and spends time with his family.

Contact Mikko if you want to discuss partnerships with DoX Systems.


Tommi Tolvanen
Sales Manager
+358 (0)40 589 2689

Sales Manager Tommi finds the right solutions to the customers’ challenges. During his versatile career, Tommi has gained extensive experience in different types of customer cases. Tommi has a wide, constantly growing network to help him find the right solutions. Having become familiar with machines and gadgets over the years, he can repair just about anything. Tommi’s attitude is characterized by his general interest in things. During his spare time, Tommi likes to exercise. He also has a project car at home waiting to be fixed.

With Tommi’s help, you will find a solution to your content management needs. He guarantees that you will get a solution that suits your unique needs.


Sami Rissanen
Documentation Specialist
+358 (0) 40 160 5366

Our documentation specialist Sami is responsible for training new users and for helping with their challenges and other inquiries. This doctor diagnoses the issue, even if his doctorate is a PhD in the philosophy of language from the University of Reading.

In terms of hobbies, he twiddles with different tabletop rpg systems and hifi equipment. He also has a chance to consider what makes instructions tick whenever his cooking involves yet another new recipe.

Contact Sami if you need advice to get the system to implement desired operating models. He also responds to most of the support requests when users face challenges with DoX CMS.

The first choice for most Finnish engineering companies

Sensible, powerful, and efficient. These are just three reasons why Finnish engineering companies and industrial enterprises love the structured authoring tools that DoX Systems delivers. Three quarters of major Finnish engineering companies already use our tools for their documentation.

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