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ZEA software will change the market for manuals and spare part books forever

We have worked together with a Canadian software company who developed a presentation system based on 3D models, ZEA. that makes it possible to include active 3D models in the manuals and spare part books for machinery and appliances.

Previously, manuals and spare part books have required slower manual processes for stripping designers' 3D models of sensitive information or for generating flat images from them to use alongside written documentation. ZEA will make this work considerably easier and faster.

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3D models originally include all information required to manufacture the depicted product. ZEA strips all sensitive information from those models in seconds, and then generates a list of components. These features will make your spare part business, for example, simpler to run.

ZEA overturns the aftermarket

Software companies typically serve pre-packaged 3D products. ZEA sets itself apart with its own 3D engine and modularity. The system's users need not maintain several unrelated programs. Instead, ZEA allows them to select the features that they need as components.

The system also efficiently removes any trace of secrets that your 3D models would otherwise contain. The 3D models that ZEA displays only contain the information that the manufacturer considers suitable to make available.

Company owner and CEO Mikko Tauriainen:

ZEA will change how information about a product gets shared to different types of users. This will improve customer satisfaction alongside your products' utility. These 3D models are easily handled through a computer, tablet, or even a phone screen, and you will quickly find whatever you looked for. You can click a part directly and then place an order for spares and read or watch instructions for how to change that part.


ZEA does not require its users to include technical designers or writers. Anyone can use it if they have access to a 3D model of the product. The system generates spare part catalogs by combining 3D models with related bills of materials (BOM). The system also works on mobile because the models are so optimized.

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