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Visual Augmented Documentation (VAD) Makes Manuals Great Again

Our latest product VAD is a completely new, electronic user manual that works with augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D models. If you have a 3D model of your product, with VAD, you can design, produce content, and build manuals for any digital environment. With VAD, your product itself will contain the manual and users can access the content on smart devices anywhere.

Traditional Manuals Are Boring And Expensive

Traditional manuals are boring, cumbersome to use, and helplessly outdated. You can never be sure if your customer has the latest version of the manual they need. Flipping through PDF files and printed manuals is slow and frustrating. Time is money–and waiting is particularly expensive. Information and skills need to be where the product is being used. Your customer wants instructions they can use to solve a problem by themselves.

Visual Augmented Documentation or VAD will make user manuals genuinely useful, visually stunning, and easy to use. VAD combines a user guide, a service manual, and other important content with your product. With VAD, content, visual media, and new technology are combined into visually stunning and easy-to-use digital manuals creating a completely new customer experience. The textual entities of a manual can be combined with augmented reality, virtual reality, or a 3D model. This way, the provided information is up-to-date, available in the desired language, and within reach at any time.

The Technology Is Here

Our desire was to see guides in virtual format so that the information and instructions are directly embedded in the product. The technology for this is now ready. We can help our customers to build interesting but, above all, portable virtual guides. With the help of Dox CMS and VAD, we will produce for our customers guides that are interesting to build and easy to update, and which can then be utilized in sales and marketing as well,” Mikko Tauriainen, the Managing Director for DoX Systems, explains..

With the DoX Content Management System (CMS), the production and management of technical documentation is easy. VAD is a new publishing format for DoX CMS. With VAD, DoX CMS customizes and builds a modern digital guide that meets your needs. In addition, VAD makes it possible for you to present your product in augmented reality and utilize virtual reality in product training.

Make Your Manuals Interesting

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