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Satisfaction yields returns. Fix your manuals – and let your product sell itself indefinitely

Anything will sell once. Only that which satisfies will sell again. DoX VAD is a new kind of integrated system for documentation. It helps you plan, maintain, and distribute high quality manuals which make sure that your customers have the best experience possible – and increase your sales.

Low expenses

Make work more efficient, and also make the contents from visually appealing manuals available inside AR without further code-related expenses.

Simple to maintain

Plan and maintain your documentation in one place but effortlessly show it wherever it is needed.

Universal compatibility

Have the information show in any system, including graphic interfaces.

Effortless up-to-date localization

Keep localized content in all required languages up to date through centralized version control inside one system.

How to acquire DoX VAD


Get familiar with a system through a scheduled showing

Learn about the features of a system that interests you directly from our experts. We will answer your questions, and we can then assess the system's benefits in your field and for your business together. This demonstration consists of a 30 minute online meeting.

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Assess the return for investment together

Our experts will you help you estimate your current documentation expenses and then investigate the savings going forward with a new approach.

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Get started

Deploying DoX VAD has two phases: planning and implementation. Our user training provides a solid foundation for independent use, and the available recordings also help future users.

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Only an understood manual can help you

Show or tell technical information in ways which your customers will understand. With DoX VAD, you will handily manage user-centered manuals with content presented through images, video, and 3D models which readily cross linguistic and cultural barriers.

VAD makes manuals approachable

Typically, traditional manuals can prove tedious, cumbersome, and utterly surpassed in usability. You can never be sure whether your customer even has the latest version of your manual. Having to browse through a PDF or printed manual is annoyingly slow and inconvenient. Time is money, and waiting is an unproductive waste. The know and the how must travel wherever your product sees use. Your customer will want a manual which lets them solve their issues.

Our new VAD (Visually Augmented Documentation) system makes manuals actually useful to their users through visually appealing presentation and ease of use. VAD combines a user guide, a service manual, and any other required content with a 3D model or other virtual presentation of your product into one digital manual. A manual made with help from VAD is easy to update and also to use from wherever you go.

Transfer your content to be viewed inside visualized environments

VAD is a completely novel digital documentation aid. With this software, you can design and produce manuals to be hosted as part of 3D models of your products or other virtual environments. Users can then view manuals anywhere on their smart devices.

VAD is part of a new release format for DoX CMS. VAD allows DoX CMS to tailor-make a contemporary digital manual to match your needs. VAD also lets you use augmented reality for product demonstrations and virtual reality for new products' operator training.

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With VAD, manuals can be embedded inside augmented reality, virtual environments, or 3D models.

This technology is now available

Virtual manuals link information directly to 3D models of products. The technology for this is now available. We help our customers build not only palatable but specifically always available and practical virtual manuals.

With help from DoX CMS and VAD, our customers can produce manuals which those responsible for them will find fulfilling to put together, and which are also easy to update and to use as part of marketing and sales for their products", the CEO of DoX Systems, Mikko Tauriainen, summarizes this.


Make better manuals with less effort

Send us a message where you tell us of the challenges that your business faces with documentation and information management. Our experts will contact you back and discuss our solutions to fix those issues.

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