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DoX eParts takes your spare parts business online

DoX eParts is a comprehensive electronic spare parts business system. It includes everything you need to transfer spare parts orders into the net: the electronic LinkOne spare parts catalog system, an online spare parts store, warranty processing, a maintenance record, and marketing and reporting solutions.
DoX eParts

Our electronic spare parts ordering system makes it easy to order new parts to replace broken ones without any unnecessary investigation work.


Moving spare parts orders to the web is a significant driver of business growth.


Content produced for the spare parts catalog can be imported automatically from PDM, PLM or CAD, which reduces errors and makes work easier.


High-quality spare parts catalogs and a modern customer service portal provide a pleasant service experience for the customer.


Your customers will be happier when they receive the right spare parts in a timely manner, putting their machines back to production use sooner.

Raise your customer service to a new level

The eParts spare parts portal improves customer service and reduces incorrect orders, improving customer satisfaction and increasing spare parts sales. The automatic importing of electronic spare parts catalogs from PDM, PLM or, for example, CAD also facilitates the production process. Moving your spare parts business online saves work and ensures that your spare parts catalogs are always up to date. It is also a major driver of business growth.

Partially automated spare parts catalog generation and a modern service portal

Why is DoX eParts unique?

Interactive spare parts catalog

The interactive LinkOne spare parts catalog is easy and pleasant to browse. Customers can find the required spare parts found quickly, which decreases the amount of incorrect orders.

Spare parts ordering system designed for equipment manufacturers

DoX eParts includes a spare parts ordering system designed for machine and equipment manufacturers.

Same materials for all stakeholders

DoX eParts enables sharing the same materials with all stakeholders, displaying them to each user in an appropriate manner.

All in one

DoX eParts includes everything you need to move your spare parts business online: tools for producing electronic spare parts catalogs and a spare parts portal with an online store.

The DoX eParts service consists of eight modules

The LinkOne electronic spare parts catalog serves as the foundation for the various modules from which you can choose the right combination for your business.

LinkOne electronic spare parts catalog

LinkOne is a modern electronic spare parts catalog system included in DoX eParts. You can use it to generate interactive, visual spare parts catalogs for the needs of different stakeholders.

Spare parts ordering system

DoX eParts’ spare parts order system lets users order the parts they have chosen from the spare parts catalog conveniently with a single user interface. Orders are sent directly to the manufacturer's information system in the chosen manner.

Warranty processing

In the DoX eParts warranty processing module, users can make electronic warranty handling requests for spare parts. The request is forwarded to the manufacturer, who can then forward it on to a subcontractor, for example.


Reports are used to monitor user behavior in the service. The reports are available in Excel-supported formats, so you can leverage the tools provided by Excel to make the most of them. For example, you can keep track of which parts are viewed the most. DoX eParts also includes a feedback channel.

Service record

The system provides users with an individual service record for each machine for recording all maintenance, repairs, modifications and possible warranty measures done on the machine. Information about orders and complaints is automatically imported into the service record.


DoX eParts enables highly automated and precisely targeted marketing. The system leys you monitor the customer's behavior in the portal and target your marketing accordingly. For example, ads shown just before the machine’s scheduled maintenance are often effective.

DoX eParts Assistant

The DoX eParts Assistant streamlines the production process of your company's spare parts catalogs. Its smart features make creating records easy and enjoyable. The Assistant is integrated into the company's systems, enabling the automation of production.

DoX CMS integration

Connecting DoX eParts to DoX CMS will automatically add the user and maintenance manuals produced in CMS to your LinkOne spare parts catalog.