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Mikko Tauriainen
Managing Director
+358 (0)40 5886 291

Mikko is the Managing Director of DoX Systems and the general handyman with a rock ‘n roll attitude. Thanks to his previous jobs, Mikko has a solid background in data management and technical documentation for mechanical engineering businesses. As a car and motorcycle enthusiast, Mikko gets to work with engines and machines during his spare time as well. To find more energy for work and free time, Mikko goes to the gym, engages in self-defense sports and spends time with his family.

Contact Mikko if you want to discuss partnership with DoX Systems.


Tommi Tolvanen
Sales Manager
+358 (0)40 589 2689

Sales Manager Tommi finds the right solutions to the customers’ challenges. During his versatile career, Tommi has gained extensive experience in different types of customer cases. Tommi has a wide, constantly growing network to help him find the right solutions. Having become familiar with machines and gadgets over the years, he can repair just about anything. Tommi’s attitude is characterized by his general interest in things. During his spare time, Tommi likes to exercise. He also has a project car at home waiting to be fixed.

With Tommi’s help, you will find a solution to your content management needs. He guarantees that you will get a solution that suits your unique needs.


Sami Rissanen
Technical writer
+358 (0) 40 160 5366

Sami, the company’s own technical writer, is in charge of training new users and reacting to their challenges. Our Doctor in the Philosophy of Language diagnoses the needs of writers and end users and gives advice on the best procedures. A big part of his previous experience comes from teaching logic courses. After all, both structural typing and software are based on similar systems of data processing.

In his spare time, Sami runs tabletop role-playing games across the world and acts as a moderator for a Discord channel. He’s no stranger to other typical nerd activities, such as collectible card games, either. As a balance to his nerd hobbies, he also enjoys cycling and has a passion for cooking.

Contact Sami if you need advice to get the system to implement the operating models you want. He also responds to most of the support requests when users face challenges with the system.


Atte Sairanen
System Designer
+358 (0) 40 557 2601

Atte, our thorough and meticulous System Designer, is in charge of the development of the DoX CMS and the technical implementation of the DoX VAD system. His job involves programming and the definition of integration interfaces.

Atte graduated with a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Eastern Finland in 2019. After graduation, he worked on data visualization in the Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo for one year.

To switch off from work, Atte enjoys cycling as a hobby.

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