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Mikko Tauriainen
Managing Director
+358 (0)40 5886 291

Mikko is a jack-of-all-trades with a fresh attitude, rocking the position of Managing Director at DoX Systems. Through his previous jobs, Mikko has collected years of experience on machine manufacturers’ information management and technical documentation. Machines and various engines have found their way also into Mikko’s spare time, through his interests in cars and motorbikes. Mikko recharges his batteries at the nearest gym or dojo – or through spending time with his family.

Contact Mikko when you want to discuss a DoX partnership.
Satu Sevón-Nielsen

Satu Sevón-Nielsen
Documentation Specialist
+358 (0)40 160 5366

For any questions on the use of DoX CMS or how to create documentation with it, contact Satu and she will answer them at the DoX technical support. Interested in seeing DoX CMS in action or need training to take it into use? Then, Satu will be the one to show you the ropes and get you started. If written material is what you seek, Satu has written user manuals and other DoX related documents for your perusal. Writing is present also in Satu’s spare time, manifesting itself as a tall pile of books on her night stand as well as in the thousands upon thousands of words written.

Contact Satu when you want to improve your DoX CMS skills or you have questions on technical documentation.

Paavo Korhonen

Paavo Korhonen
Business Development Manager
+358 (0)50 592 7275

Business Development Manager Paavo’s career experiences consist of development tasks in mechanical engineering. It’s this experience on machine and device manufacturers’ operating environments that Paavo uses as he constructs documentation and after-sales solutions to serve the customer’s business as a whole. In his spare time, Paavo is again among machines, quite tangibly, as he goes boating on the Kallavesi lake in Kuopio with his family.

Contact Paavo for an introduction into the DoX Systems products, to evaluate the suitability of the DoX Systems products for your own business, and for an offer on system implementation.

Tommi Tolvanen

Tommi Tolvanen
Sales Manager
+358 (0)40 589 2689

Sales Manager Tommi will find a suitable solution to solve customer problems. As it happens, during his long career, Tommi has gathered quite a collection of experiences in a wide range of customer cases. However, it is not uncommon either to find a solution through Tommi's extensive and continuously expanding network of connections.

Different machines and devices have become familiar to Tommi over the years, as he can fix pretty much anything. A burning curiosity towards life, the universe, and everything is what defines Tommi's attitude. In his spare time, Tommi relaxes and stays healthy with some light excercise. Also, there is a hobby car in his front yard calling for his attention.

Contact Tommi to find a content management solution that perfectly suits your needs.

Niko Autio

Niko Autio
System Architect
+358 (0)44 035 9990

Niko is responsible for the technical implementation of software projects.

Niko got into the business as a result of a game programming hobby that got out of hand over the years. In the winter, Niko enjoys roaming the wilderness on snowmobiles. As a born Savonian, Niko is unable to answer even the simplest of questions with just a 'yes' or 'no'.


Oskari Torikka
System Designer

Oskari started at Dox Systems in the latter half of 2018 and, since then, has been improving the inner workings of DoX CMS and added several new features to the system. Years of programming experience and extensive IT knowhow guarantee that the system is in tiptop shape.

In his spare time, Oskari is working on several simultaneous programming projects ranging from simple web pages to complex neural networks. Oskari hopes that, perhaps someday, he will develop a new revolutionary algorithm that will change the world.