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DoX Systems is a Finnish software company founded in 1991 as Fenten Oy. We develop and retail systems that aid with technical documentation and related processes. Both product development and support are based fully in Finland at this time. Our current customers consist of large-scale enterprises and SMEs in Nordic countries, and the DoX product family is actively tailored to fit our customers’ needs. Our work towards this objective is helped by our wide network of partnerships with documentation and translation service providers.

The inspiration behind the company

When we set out to create a solutions related to structured documentation and the spare parts business, our priority was to make the system easy to deploy, friendly to new users, and affordable. We wanted to provide our customers with the satisfaction of their exact needs being met. This ideal is what gave rise to the DoX product family.

Over 30 years of experience in documentation

We at DoX Systems are intimately familiar with the challenges involved with the manufacturing industry. The current state of the company is the result of over 30 years of experience from working in the field. Over the years, we have paid attention to the issues with platforms and systems which give their users a headache. Our solutions answer the most pressing of these issues:

  • All documentation is available in one place where you can process and reuse the material.
  • The content management system is cost-effective and quick to deploy.
  • High-quality support is readily available and can help develop the practices and systems that improve your business in these respects.

Owner and Managing Director Mikko Tauriainen:

“We turn our customers into content management superheroes and solve their documentation challenges. We pour all of our knowledge and expertise into what we do. Based on feedback from our customers, we can proudly state that we have revolutionized technical documentation and solved its key problems.”


They trust us