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DoX Systems, born as Fenten Oy in 1993 in Lahti, is a Finnish company focused on the development and sales of technical documentation systems and their expansions. The development and design of DoX Systems products, as well as their support, are produced in Finland by a professional team of five. As their customers, DoX Systems has over 40 large enterprises as well as SMBs from the Nordic countries and, as their partners, internationally operating producers of documentation and translation services.

The Inspiration Behind the Business

The most advanced solutions for structural documentation are called ”top solutions” – at least by those who develop them. The problem, however, is that these top solutions have not been as advanced or easy to use as the moniker would imply. Instead, they are often expensive and cumbersome to implement and use.

Managing Director and Owner Mikko Tauriainen:

”We wanted to create a solution for structural documentation and spare parts business that is simple to implement and that makes documentation easy and affordable. We wanted our customers to get the feeling that the system they are using is just right for their needs”

As a result, the DoX product family was born.


DoX CMS and DoX eParts – The Whys and the Whats?

DoX Systems is very familiar with the challenges machine workshops and manufacturers face. They have over 25 years of experience in the industry and, during this time, they have had numerous discussions with users of different kinds of platforms and systems.
They collected three central issues their customers face, problems that have caused grief and frustration to many users:

  • Documentation is not centralized nor in one place and cumbersome to use regardless of the circumstances,
  • The implementation and use of documentation systems is expensive and requires a lot of work,
  • Expanding the spare parts business is not possible due to poor spare parts documentation.

Business Development Manager, Paavo Korhonen:

”We wanted to make a difference and so we started a development process, aiming to solve the problems our customers had encountered. We wanted to turn our customers into Content Management Heroes.”

”We invested all our knowhow into the project. The challenges we encountered we either solved by ourselves or we found a professional who had the skills and drive to join us in reinventing technical documentation,” Mikko Tauriainen adds. “One by one, we conquered the challenges and, at the same time, strengthened our team with talented professionals.”

”Now, based on the feedback we have received from our customers, we can proudly state that we did it: we solved the problems,” Paavo Korhonen concludes.

The expanded team of DoX Systems consists of passionate professionals. They will further develop the DoX product family according to their customers’ needs, so that each solution suits the customer perfectly.

Contact DoX Systems today! Together with the DoX Systems team, you too can be a Content Management Hero!

• In partnership issues, contact Mikko Tauriainen
• System demonstrations are arranged by Paavo Korhonen
• On issues relating to technical documentation, contact Satu Sevón-Nielsen


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