Mantsinen selects DoX for documentation of BIG machines

Mantsinen selects DoX for documentation of BIG machines

Mantsinen is an international, family owned builder of material handlers and hydraulic mobile harbour cranes located in North Karelia, Finland. Mantsinen has been in business for nearly 45 years, building large machines from 50-ton size to as big as over 300 tons. Today Mantsinen has over 450 employees and has an extensive partner network covering over 50 countries globally.

Mantsinen decided to move their entire documentation practice to structured documentation because it improves the quality of the documentation while saving them money. DoX, being designed for collaborative authoring, publishing and management content throughout a product lifecycle is an ideal choice for international provider like Mantsinen and was selected for publishing of user manuals. DoX built-in support for language translations is also key functionality.

Jussi Lappi, Director of Customer Support at Mantsinen summarized the benefits: “DoX improves the reusage of documentation content, reduces the costs of language translations and generally makes it easier to manage the content update cycles. DoX workflow support and review process helps us to create better manuals and keep our customers satisfied”.

Cloud based DoX is rapid to take into use. At Mantsinen DoX was taken into use in 4 months, during which the system was configured, content imported, and users trained. The progress of the project was tracked in weekly meetings. “We were happy to see how fast and smoothly DoX was taken into use” complemented Jussi and shares also some light into his next steps: “Our plan is to expand the usage of DoX for production of service manuals”.

“We’re very proud of being trusted by Mantsinen”, said Mikko Tauriainen, founder and Managing Director of DoX. “Mantsinen’s big machines are operated in all corners of the world and users will (hopefully) read the manuals in their local languages. The translations need to be accurate for the machines to be operated in a way they’ve been designed. This sets the bar high for the documentation system – the expertise of Mantsinen engineers needs to be transmitted to manuals efficiently and correctly.”

See it yourself. In this video Jukka Repola, Documentation Engineer at Mantsinen comments the DoX project:


Mikko Tauriainen

Mikko is founder and Managing Director of DoX